Recycle Your Boxes After Moving

Moving from one home to another can seem overwhelming. There are so many things to consider, from shutting down one set of utilities and getting started with the next, painting, rearranging, trying to get adjusted to a new neighborhood and if you have children, getting them settled into their new school. All of this is time consuming and stressful. Then comes moving day and you may be completely undone by the huge number of boxes stacked in every room of your new home.

You may be hesitant to wade into the ocean of boxes because you fear you will never be able to finish unpacking and finding a good place for everything. The last thing you may be thinking about is what to do with all of those boxes once you have emptied them, but they will have to go somewhere. So , just what are you going to do with all of those empty boxes?

Recycling Works

Of course, you could simply throw all of those boxes away, but that is not your best solution, First of all, that simply moves the problem from one place to another. Now instead of the boxes being stacked in your rooms, they are piled up outside, waiting for garbage day. Second, the number of plastic garbage bags you will need to hold all of those boxes is itself detrimental to the environment.

A better solution is to recycle the boxes. This is easier on you and helps the environment. Boxes can be easily flattened by cutting the tape at each end. Then you simply have to stack them into piles of similar sizes and bind them together. They take up very little room like this to be stored until your community picks up recyclables. If the area you are moving into does not have regular recyclables pick ups, call the town hall. They may schedule a pick up for you or they can suggest a near by facility where you can drop them off.

New Home, New Habits

Many people see moving into a new home as starting with a fresh page. Everything is new and different and it is the perfect time to develop new habits before you get set in your ways. Make sure that the new routines you establish are beneficial to your family and the world around you.

Why not make recycling a regular part of this new lifestyle from the outset. Recycling is an easy habit to maintain once you get started. Teach yourself and your family the environmentally responsible way to live from the first days in your new home, when there are many changes happening. Don't wait until you have gotten settled in because by then you may have already established a routine and separating your recyclables will seem like an additional chore. Done from the beginning, it will soon become a normal part of your daily life. A good way to break into this habit is to start from the very first day in your new home by recycling your boxes after moving.


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