Tips For Shipping Cross Country

There are many reasons why a person might need to ship across country. The most common reason is that family and friends always carry on their own lives and when they move far away it's nice to be able to share things with them. Moving is always a factor too as sometimes it's easier to ship some things to the new home rather than travel with them if they have the potential to break. Other things might come up too like an object gets left behind at a Bed and Breakfast or someone sells products across the country from their home. Whatever the reason is, these are some tips for shipping cross country that might make life a bit easier.

1. Pack everything tight. No matter how many boxes things are sent in, it is still the same weight and the same amount of stuff. Putting as much as one can into each box is ideal, especially when shipping smaller amounts. Post offices have flat rate shipping so weight doesn't matter, which means as long as it fits in the box it gets shipped. It's also better for making sure objects won't break.

2. Use proper packaging. If stuff won't fit into a box it is not a good idea to bend the box to make it fit. This can lead to the box possibly breaking during travel or the contents could be damaged. It's better to use a box that's too big and fill the empty space with softer objects like old sheets or blankets.

3. Consider timing. If the item being shipped doesn't have any urgency, it's a good idea to ship ground. Shipping large packages long distances can be very expensive and not really worth it when the item that is being mailed won't be used for a few weeks anyway. Even small businesses can take advantage of cheaper shipping by stating that they use ground shipping and that customers can pay more to upgrade to faster shipping options.

4. Shop around. Every shipping company is different - not only in price but also in the features that they have. Think about what it is that is important for this shipment and then see what companies will meet those needs for the lowest cost. Large quantities of items and heavy items should be shipped by a company that will pick the items up, even if it costs them more money. Smaller items can be taken to the store with no problem so cheaper shipping companies are better for them.

Of course there are also special situations that these tips might not apply for. As an example, only the last two would work for shipping a car. Obviously a car can't be packed up but it is important to try to save money and find a company that will have the best service for their price. There are many different car shipping services and other options might even be available depending on the circumstances. Since each situation is different, the most important thing is to know what the goal of shipping the item is before getting ready to ship it.


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